Thursday, January 7, 2010

'Avatar' Influence - 3-D Gets Ready at CES 2010

The recently released movie "Avatar" has gotten the most attention for its use of 3-D, and other films in 2009 started to drum up interest in the format: "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," "A Christmas Carol" and "Monsters vs Aliens" among them.

TV programming is another matter.

"Even though content selection (for TV) will be limited at first, the industry must be encouraged by the success of 'Avatar' for proof that 3-D has appeal beyond computer-generated animated films," said Rubin of The NPD Group.

"This really is a chicken and egg issue, where there hasn’t been enough content to justify getting product on the market," said John Taylor of LG Electronics. "This year is when you’re really going to see the content ramp up."

Another boost for 3-D is the Blu-ray Disc Association's recent approval of a technical standard for 3-D Blu-ray, which itself is just starting to gain more consumer acceptance nearly two years after being declared the winner in the high-definition DVD format wars.

Blu-ray, previously hobbled by high pricing, has become more affordable, with players going for under $100 during the holiday season. Many consumers continued to stick with standard DVD players because those discs were cheaper and also could be played in portable players for travel. Studios have recently started packaging Blu-ray discs with regular versions on DVDs.

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