Friday, March 5, 2010

Bowers & Wilkins has hit another great milestone in their long history, with the release of the new 800 Series Diamond speakers. The new line presents many improvements over the previous 800 series models, most notably, the inclusion of the Diamond tweeter in the entire 800 Series line. This includes the highly anticipated 805 Diamond speaker.

As a long time, proud partner of Bowers & Wilkins, MODIA has been selected as one of the few dealers in the world to help launch the 800 Series Diamond speakers. We are so excited that we wanted to thank all of our loyal clients as well as B&W enthusiasts by offering an unprecedented trade-up opportunity.

We are offering up to 50% of the original price you paid for the B&W 800 series speakers that you currently own as credit for new 800 Diamond Series speakers. You give us your old speakers and we will give you a credit towards an upgrade.

See the website or contact one of our stores for more details.