Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mitsubishi DLP Televisions

People might be chanting more about Mitsubishi’s laserVue TV since its introduction in the market… No doubt that laserVue TV over shadowed its due exposure- of 65-inch laserVue TV. So recently we decided to let the consumers know what we have found out by reviewing the L65A90. We took it under our stringent test scanner to drain out the best of the information for our viewers. It did pretty well although there were some issues with video processing and resolution clarity to maximum HD output. But it compensates all the minor weak spots by delivering excellent color, contrast and fine black details.

More Mitsubishi DLP TVs :
Mitsubishi L65A90
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Mitsubishi WD65737
Mitsubishi WD65835
Mitsubishi WD65837
Mitsubishi WD73737
Mitsubishi WD73835
Mitsubishi WD73837
Mitsubishi WD82737

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