Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MotionFlow 120Hz Technology - KDL46XBR6, KDL46XBR8, KDL52W4100

Sony is in the market since long time. Before years, sony is having a range of small screen TVs. Nowadays sony has bought many Large screen LCDs with lots of functions and flexibility. Amongst most important functions in sony TVs, MotionFlow 120 Hz technology is one of them. Lets have a look at the function.

Sony’s MotionFlow 120Hz technology process the frames and try to perfectly add in the omitted information between the original film frames. By calculating in real time the number of frames get doubles and adding 60 completely new frames between the original 60 frames. Sony’s special algorithm helps in identifying the exact objects and the movement of overall picture and applies the right amount of enhancements. The blur from original source images captured by camera get reduced with the help of Sony’s Image Blur Reduction algorithm.

Sony is having a facility to Turn ON and OFF the technology.
The 120Hz TV removes s 3:2 motion pulldown which is responsible for judders in video.


The 3:2 is a pattern in which frames are sent out. A film is shot at 24 fps. Non 120Hz Tvs has the refresh rate of 60Hz. So the movie has 24 frames to show in one second and a progressive TV has 60 frames to show in one second. As you know 60 is not a direct multiple of 24. So to fit the 24 frames per second to 60 the picture go through a procedure known as 3:2 motion pulldown .

But this 3:2 motion technology creates ‘Judder’. This caused because of the frames sending patterns. In 3:2 motion technology pattern, frames sent out with a pattern like 3 frames, 2 frames and again 3 frames and so on.

In 120Hz MotionFlow Technology, film is 24 frames per second and 120 is a direct multiple of 24. So it reduced the need to go through the 3:2 pattern hence removes the Judder production problem. Resulting in smooth video.

KDL52W4100, KDL-52W4100, Sony TV

Sony’s KDL46XBR6, KDL46XBR8, KDL-52W4100 Bravia XBR series Flat panel HDTV is having this 120Hz MotionFlow technology feature. So if you want to enjoy the movies with family and friends without having any interruption, Sony’s LCD HDTVs are the best choices for you.

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